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Website: http://www.giftoflanguageandculture.ca/


The aim of the curriculum for K to 12 is to develop functional speakers and writers of the nihithowiwin
languages. Language reflects culture and defines the identity of people. Students will focus on
preserving, maintaining and enhancing Cree. There are five main dialects of Cree spoken in Canada, of
those Swampy "n" dialect, Plains 'Y' dialect and Woodland Cree "th" dialect are spoken in Saskatchewan.

Students who study an Aboriginal language, including non-aboriginal students, will develop an
understanding and gain appreciation of Aboriginal cultures.


  • The major goals of this curriculum are:
  • to promote student participation in varied learning situations and activities that will assist them in
    acquiring listening, understanding, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • to develop an understanding and an appreciation of culture through language.
  • to develop students listening skills which will assist them in the learning of Cree in various social
    contexts and situations.
  • to encourage enjoyment of learning to converse and to write in the language.
  • to promote positive personal and social growth through use of the language.
  • to encourage parental and community active participation in promoting language and culture with
    school related activities.


The Core nihithowiwin program will enable students to develop a positive attitude towards the Cree
languages and the First Nations people throughout Canada.


The Core nihithowiwin program will enable students to increase, within realistic limits, their ability to
communicate effectively in Cree and consequently, to take advantage of vocational and leisure
opportunities or meet post-secondary requirements. It will also enable students to gain a better
understanding of language and language learning in general.

Here is an example of what to expect on the website:


Woodland Cree - Household Items



Active Employment

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